Photo: video screenshot a Victim of September 11 was identified in DNA

16 years later found out the identity of the deceased.

Through DNA testing failed to establish the identity of the deceased of September 11. As noted, the man asked not to disclose his name.

The remains of a man killed during the attack on the world trade was identified nearly 16 years after the attack.

The Daily Mail reports that since the tragedy was discovered the remains of 1641 of the nearly three thousand victims of the attacks of the militants. This means that 40% of victims not yet identified.

Recall that on 11 September 2001 in the USA there were a series of terrorist attacks, became the largest in the history of the number of victims. Terrorists related to al-Qaeda captured four scheduled passenger airliner, three of them were sent to the world trade center towers and the Pentagon. The fourth plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania . In addition to the 19 terrorists in attacks killed 2977 people, 24 missing.

Recall. earlier, the US released classified data about September 11.

The FBI showed unknown photos of the September 11 attacks