Photo: Fox61 After the crash started a fire

Six people aboard survived. The B-17 bomber participated in the exhibition of military aviation.

In the United States in the fall of the bomber Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress in Connecticut, seven people were killed and another six were injured, two critically. In addition, one person was injured on the ground, according to CNN.

All on Board were 10 passengers and 3 crew members.

After takeoff, the plane spent in the air for a few minutes, after which the crew reported a malfunction and asked for landing. During a landing the plane lost control and crashed into the hangar.

Recall that a plane crashed at the airport in Connecticut reported before, on 2 October. The exact number of victims at that time was unknown.

The crashed aircraft was a participant of the exhibition of military aircraft of the Second world war.

Earlier in riverside, near Los Angeles crashed fighter USAF F-16. He fell on the roof of residential building, located near the airbase. After the collapse of the structure was on fire. The pilot had ejected.

And in the Stavropol region of Russia crashed su-25UB. Both pilots were killed.


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