The US special envoy on Iran Brian hook said Thursday that Iran since the beginning of the protests could be killed over 1 thousand people.

“Apparently, the regime could kill more than 1 million Iranian citizens since the protests began,” said hook at a briefing in the state Department.

“We can’t be sure, because the Iranian regime blocks the exchange of information,” he said.

However, he pointed out that among the dead there are even teenagers. In addition, according to him, several thousand people were injured during the protests.

“In some cases, it was not given the bodies to families until, has not yet received promises that will not be a public funeral,” – said the representative of the United States.

Later in the briefing hook stressed that the U.S. is “confident that we are talking about many hundreds of deaths and maybe more than a thousand”.

He explained that the state Department calculated the number of victims of the riots in Iran, based on data sent by citizens and groups that engage in such calculations.

The authorities of Iran in the night of November 15 announced the price increase on gasoline by 50% – up to 15 thousand Iranian rials per liter (about $0,13 per liter). These prices are when you buy up to 60 liters of gasoline per month, the excess of the purchase cost is twice as expensive – 30 thousand riyals per liter.

After that the country began protests. Protests were reported in Tehran, Mashhad, and the Sirjan in the province of Khuzestan. In Iran at the time of the protests almost completely stopped the operation of the Internet.

The highest Iranian leadership believes that the protests involved the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia.


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