The U.S. Supreme court has recognized half of the state of Oklahoma Indian land

Now the Indians are exempt from tax in the budget of Oklahoma, and judge them for serious offences can only Federal courts.

In the United States, the Supreme court recognized nearly half of Oklahoma land of native Americans. This is with reference to the decision of the court writes BBC News on Friday, July 10.

Indian lands are now considered the Eastern territory of Oklahoma, including Tulsa, the second largest city in the state. In this territory, home to about 1.8 million people, of which 15% are native Americans.

This decision means that from now on native Americans living in the Eastern part of Oklahoma, on trial for serious offences can only Federal courts, not state courts. Also, members of Indian tribes in this territory now freed from the obligation of paying taxes to the budget of Oklahoma.

Earlier, Turkey warned the US to recognize the genocide of the Indians. The Turkish leader said that “the extermination of the Indians was a shameful page in US history”.

It was also reported that the President of Mexico called on Spain to apologize for the destruction of the Indians. López Obrador sent a letter to the king Felipe VI and the Pope, in which he indicated the need to apologize to the native American.

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