Photo: air force Bomber B-52

New weapons will upgrade the air force part of the American nuclear triad.

Lockheed Martin Corporation and Raytheon will create a new cruise missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads for bombers of distant radius of action, according to the U.S. air force.

The press service of the Ministry informed that the initial contracts for up to 54 months and an amount of $ 900 million. After that, the US air force will choose one of the two companies for the production of one thousand of the missiles, and not all of them will be equipped with nuclear warheads.

The Minister of the U.S. air force Heather Wilson in this regard stated that the new weapon will upgrade the air force part of the American nuclear triad and expressed confidence that upgrade will be effective from the point of view of costs .

Earlier Bloomberg reported that Boeing, which was developing a similar missile, this time not among the “finalists competition” and was disappointed by the decision of the air force.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump said that the United States is planning to improve the missile defense system.

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