Photo: The Twitter Page Of Geoff Fienberg? In the U.S. the Park has occurred energoavarii

At the amusement Park occurred energoavarii, which stopped about a dozen rides.

In the U.S. the Park, located in California, there was energoavarii which of the rides were disconnected. On Wednesday, December 27, according to CNBC.

The result of the power outage stopped about a dozen rides, including serving Park monorail.

The Park staff had to evacuate visitors.

As the representatives of the amusement Park, the cause of the accident was the failure of the transformers serving the rides. After a few hours the power was restored.


When the ride breaks down @Disneyland #ItsASmallWorld

— Geoff Fienberg (@gfienberg17) 27 Dec 2017


We will remind, earlier from Hong Kong Disneyland evacuated one hundred employees due to a suspicious package .