Photo: CHP Oroville / Twitter the Burned-out plane Cessna Citation

On Board were ten passengers and crew members. None of them was hurt.

In California passenger Cessna Citation plane caught fire during takeoff on the runway. Said this yesterday, the police of the city of Oroville.

On Board were ten passengers and crew members. They were able to quickly leave the aircraft. None of them was hurt.

The fuselage of the plane broke into pieces and burned almost completely.

@ChicoFD equipment arrived to foam the aircraft

— CHP Oroville (@CHP_Oroville) August 21, 2019

We will remind, on August 17 in new York state on a house fell light twin-engine Cessna 303. In a ruined building, one person died and another was injured. On Board were three men, one of whom died.

It was also reported that the passenger plane Boeing 757-200 of Delta Airlines received hull damage during a hard landing in the Azores in Portugal.

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