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It will be removed the Confederate symbol.

Mississippi lawmakers on Sunday voted to remove the Confederate emblem from the state flag, which was met with thunderous applause and jubilation in the hall, reports “Voice of America”.

The decision was made more than a hundred years after legislators belonging to the supporters of white supremacy, adopted the current flag in one more generation after the defeat of the South in the Civil war.

The house of representatives and the Mississippi Senate on Sunday voted in favor of abandoning the current flag. In each chamber this is a historic decision has received broad bipartisan support. Republican Governor Tate Reeves stated that he will sign the bill, and immediately after that the flag state will lose official status. The Governor, however, did not specify when it will be signed.

Last month the state faced with increasing demands to change the flag on the background of international protests against racial injustice in the United States. After the final vote in the Senate, there was a loud applause, and legislators began to hug each other. Even those who were opposed, too, embraced at the end of a day of emotional debate.

The special Commission mandated to develop the design of the new flag, which cannot contain the symbol of the Confederacy, but must include the words “In God we trust” (In God We Trust). Voters will be asked to approve the new design on election day, November 3. If they reject it, the Commission will propose another design, guided by the same principles, and it will be offered to voters at a later date.

The black population comprises 38 percent of the state, and yet the current flag contains the emblem, which many consider racist.

The Republican speaker of the house state representatives Philip Gunn for five years advocated a change of flag, arguing that the symbol of the Confederacy is offensive. The house of representatives approved the bill 91 votes for and 23 against, after which the Senate passed it 37 votes for and 14 against.

“How nice to celebrate the Lord’s day (Sunday), said Gunn. Many prayed to Him to bring us to this day. And He answered”.

The debate about changing the flag had arisen before, and in recent years more and more cities and public universities of the state have abandoned it on their own initiative. But this idea never gained sufficient support in the conservative Republican legislature or recent governors.

The situation changed just a few weeks, when an unusual and diverse coalition of political, business, religious organizations and sports leaders have called for a change of flag.

The protests of the movement “black Lives matter” at the Governor’s mansion Mississippi in early June, thousands of people welcomed the announcement by the organizer that the state must renounce all symbols of the Confederacy.

Religious groups, including the large and influential Baptist Convention of Mississippi, said that the removal of the emblem with rebel flag of the state is a moral imperative.

Business Association said that the flag is holding back the economic development of one of the poorest States in the country.

To sporty culture, the biggest impact could occur when the University’s athletic League, said that Mississippi may lose the right to participate in postseason competition, if you will continue to use the current flag. About 45 University athletic Directors and coaches came to the Capitol, demanding change.

“We need something that will match the target flag to each resident of the state was a reason to be proud of,” said football coach of the University of Mississippi Mike Leach.

Many people who advocated the preservation of the emblem on the flag of Mississippi, said that see it as a symbol of historical heritage.

Lawmakers put the Confederate emblem in the upper left corner of the flag of Mississippi in 1894, when the whites suppressed the political power that African Americans gained after the Civil war.

The emblem is a red field with a blue cross, which depicts the 13 white stars. Ku Klux Klan and other xenophobic organizations, for decades, used the rebel flag. GA placed this emblem on the flag of your state in 1956, and became a part of the response to the civil rights movement. The state has deleted this symbol from the flag in 2001.

The Supreme court of Mississippi in 2000 found that when the state changed the law in 1906, the sections concerning the flag, do not fall under these changes. This means that the flag was not official status. Governor Democrat Ronnie Musgrove in 2000 and formed a Commission which was to determine the future of the flag. It held hearings in various locations around the state, which had an unpleasant atmosphere when people began to shout at each other, discussing the flag.

After that, the legislators chose not to define the flag by yourself. In 2001, this question was put to a vote and people voted to keep the flag. Alternatively, it was proposed to replace the Confederate symbol blue field, surmounted by a group of white stars, representing Mississippi as the 20th state in the US.

State Senator, Democrat derrick Simmons, an African American, said that the state deserves such a flag, which would be proud of all.

“Today is a historic day for Mississippi, said Simmons colleagues before the vote in the Senate. – Let’s vote for Mississippi tomorrow.”