Photo: Social networks In the US stole a laptop with sensitive data

The agent of the U.S. Secret service out of the car the laptop was stolen with sensitive information on trump, Clinton and the Pope.

From the car of the U.S. secret service March 16, stole a laptop with sensitive information regarding U.S. President Donald trump, Hillary Clinton and Pope Francis, reports CBS.

According to information in law enforcement, currently a new York city police are looking for intruders and examining CCTV footage.

CBS sources report that the theft of confidential documents “undermines national security”.

ABC News said that the theft occurred in Brooklyn on the morning of 16 March. Among the stolen information − the blueprints of a skyscraper Trump Tower in new York, as well as details of the investigation regarding the use of Clinton’s personal email server as Secretary of state .

In addition, the police have asked anyone who has any information about the stolen laptop, contact the law enforcement authorities of new York or the headquarters of the Secret service.

Note that according to Reuters, the leadership of the US Secret service has confirmed the theft of the laptop from one of its employees in new York.

Earlier it was reported that the military Prosecutor’s office in Vinnitsa put on trial a soldier for the loss of the stick, which was classified information.

In Estonia, the condemned officer, who bore home the secret documents