Photo: Reuters (archive), the US tested a hypersonic missile PrSM

The missile hit the target at a distance of 180 km away. the Hit was accurate, but specific data are not reported.

In the USA successfully ended the second test of tactical missiles PrSM, which held the company Lockheed Martin. On Thursday, March 12, UNIAN reports.

It is noted that the missile hit the target at a distance of 180 km. the Developers have stated that the hit was accurate, but the specific data is not disclosed. The launch was made using reactive multiple rocket launchers HIMARS.

The projectile can accelerate to five supersonic speeds.

Missile Lockheed Martin called the answer to the Russian Iskander complexes that are capable of hitting targets at medium distances and are in service in the Russian Federation since 2006.

We will remind, in the end of last year in the Arctic, Russia has tested a hypersonic missile Dagger. Its speed is about 12 thousand kilometers per hour.

USA lagging behind. A new hypersonic arms race

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