A serious blow to the reputation Zelensky was the affiliation of his projects with the controversial oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, whom Washington calls a “superoperator”. Moreover, it is included in the list of enemies of Donald trump, reports “Russian conversation”.

The first call about the necessity of revision of relations in his surroundings Zelensky was getting after the news of the cancellation of the visit of the lawyer trump in Kiev on the eve of the inauguration. Personal lawyer of the President of the USA Rudy Giuliani said that the trip was canceled due to undesirable people in the team of the new President.

This promise was ignored by the people Zelensky, himself Kolomoisky suddenly the night came to Ukraine. Rumor has it that he “helped” his business partner to resolve the conflict with the Parliament and even prepared Zelensky loyal to the coalition.

Giuliani praised this move oligarch, warning of the sixth Chapter of the Square that he is under the scrutiny of the West. Moreover, the billionaire Kolomoisky, against whom in the US are investigating the FBI, immediately after arrival to Ukraine slandered two Americans. Now the US no longer hide the irritation and asked a direct question about the arrest of Kolomoisky.

“He returned to Ukraine from exile in Israel, and the first thing he did was threaten American citizens. This is a real test for the President. Will he be arrested?” – the lawyer wrote on Twitter.

So he responded to the statement Kolomoisky, dated 17 may, when he said that in Ukraine “there are two scams that are under investigation by the United States.” According to the oligarch, they supposedly talk about their ties to Giuliani and resolve any issues with the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko.

In a separate announcement trump’s lawyer admitted that the oligarch called the people to him.

“The infamous oligarch returned from a long exile and immediately threatened and slandered two Americans, Leo Parnassus and Igor Fruman. They are my customers, and I advised them to press charges,” he wrote.

The US chose not to hide the irritation from rash behavior Kolomoisky and as a demonstration of his position did not send a representative to the inauguration Zelensky. At the ceremony the new President of Ukraine has congratulated the special representative of the state Department, Kurt Volker, which has long swayed the chair. Trump decided long ago to withdraw from Ukraine – in fact, the presence of the diplomat will not affect anything.

It is no secret that Donald trump will not be a substitute for slapping his cheeks Kolomoisky. Any unfortunate “move” oligarch can get quite the expected reaction – the blow will be inflicted on his politically inexperienced partner Vladimir Zelensky.