The US President Donald trump

The book includes 140 message of the American leader on Twitter with cartoons to them.

In the United States went on sale a collection of tweets from President Donald trump, which is illustrated by cartoonist Shannon Wheeler, writes The Washington Post.

Just a book called Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump (which can be translated as All of the presidential HR*HB: Illustrated tweets Donald John trump) went about 140 cartoons.

In the annotations it says that “the President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the radio President John F. Kennedy − TV, and President Donald trump has Twitter.”

On the cover of the current head of state depicted a sad little kid sitting in the oversized chair.

The artist admitted that “it is not going to make fun of trump .” Author of the book believes that the American leader tweets allow you to discover and understand the peculiarities of his character that many consider unpredictable.

“I was just trying to understand and illustrate the image of his thinking”, he said.

New book for sale in the online store Amazon. In hardcover it costs $ 9.16 in electronic form is $ 7.99.

In the US, the Museum was opened to the tweets of Donald trump

As reported Корреспондент.net according to the survey, Americans believe that trump should delete their account on Twitter.