The party of “the Voice” presented its vision of the reform of the security Service of Ukraine, which, among other things, provides for the elimination of the Department “K” and protect the economy and the downsizing of the security services.

At a press conference on Monday the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” people’s Deputy Alexander Ustinov (fraction “the Voice”) said that the reform of the SBU was spelled out in the coalition agreement of the Parliament of the last convocation, but no steps in this direction had been taken.

“SBU is the only organ which has not undergone any reform — Two of the Department for combating corruption and organized crime and counterintelligence in the economy engaged in the Affairs, which in fact is not the defendant security Service”, – she noted.

The MP said that the faction “the Voice” offers bill to reform the intelligence agencies.

“The bill that we propose is only the beginning of reform in the SBU. This body should be reformed comprehensively. This bill now proposes to eliminate actually two control… and prevent operational units to carry out operational support for economic and corruption crimes,” – said Ustinov.

According to her, the draft law envisages the reduction of number of employees of the SBU from 31 thousand to 28 thousand in time of war, and from 27 thousand to 24 thousand in peacetime.

In turn, people’s Deputy Roman Kostenko (fraction “the Voice”) said that the purpose of the proposed reform is a clear division of powers, the cleansing of the SBU from corruption units and enhancing the effectiveness of work on all fronts.