In the afternoon on Sunday, June 4, London police have closed some streets in the West of the British capital and conducted a special operation in connection with the night-incident at London bridge in one of the houses

The Ministry of internal Affairs refused to disclose details held on the Western outskirts of the city RAID, only noting that the actions of the security forces associated with the terrorist attack last night, according to “Russian conversation”.

At the scene of the RAID in Barking, the van is unmarked and the car “ambulance”. All the surrounding streets adjacent to the epicenter of events, is blocked by armed militiamen.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, the number of victims of the terrorist attack on London bridge has increased to seven people, 48 of the victims are in the hospital. The condition of some of them is estimated as critical .

Three militants, first committed hitting on passers-by, and then they attacked, were shot dead by police on the spot.