In the winery during the may day rally there was a skirmish, the press service of Ukraine in Vinnytsia region.

“About 20 young people who did not share the political views of the protesters tried to prevent the event and tried to snatch from the hands of the flags. A conflict situation was quickly stopped by police who pushed the crowd of guys and forced to leave the territory of the meeting”, – stated in the message.

According to “UKRINFORM”, the young people in masks from the public organization “C14” stormed into the crowd of older people who came to the rally, and began to wrest from them the red flags with inscriptions “Union of left forces” and “Socialists”.

It is noted that the police did not allow further deployment of the conflict and ensured law and order to the completion of the event.

Among the participants of incident of victims is not recorded . This event is brought in the magazine of the Uniform accounting of statements and messages of citizens. Police established the participants of the event, their actions will be given legal assessment.

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