Russia and Japan began the first stage of negotiations on joint management of the disputed Kurile island ridge at the level of representatives of ministries of foreign Affairs. The Russian side in Tokyo plans to offer its package of initiatives and proposals of Japanese colleagues.

As told Deputy head of the Russian foreign Minister, Igor Morgulov, Russia formed a package of proposals covers a wide range of issues concerning, first and foremost, of economic activities on the Kuril Islands and improve the economic potential of the island, according to “Russian conversation”.

Projects that in the past few months working to Russia, will be referred to the Japanese side. In turn, Tokyo plans to share their proposals for joint administration of the Islands.

We will remind, on the conduct of joint economic activities on the disputed Kurile island ridge President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed in December last year.

According to Abe, the implementation plans for joint management of the Kuril Islands in the near future can be a Springboard for the conclusion of a peace Treaty between Russia and Japan.