About the incident in his “Facebook” was reported by Ukrainian MP Volodymyr Ariev.

“There are our artists in Italy. Yesterday I published an article from Italian journal about the mural in Turin, dedicated to Zakharchenko. Now he, mural, creatively modified. We can say, a complete composition,” wrote Ryan.

In review subscribers page to the Aryans, of course, supported the MP and expressed the joy of the desecration of the mural.

“God, health to those who added”;

“We still need to pour red paint,” write the users of social networks.

Recall that the song was originally performed by the team of artists DonbassArt. Portrait of Zakharchenko, who was killed August 1, 2018, placed in a frame, done in the colors of the Italian tricolor.

Zakharchenko and his bodyguard Vyacheslav Dotsenko died as a result of explosion in cafe “Separable” on Pushkin Boulevard in Donetsk. The victims were 11 more people.