This year Russians are going on holiday to Turkey

The Russian had serious health problems.

Over the weekend in different parts of Turkey died five tourists from Russia. It is reported by the Federal tourism Agency with reference to the situational crisis center of the foreign Ministry.

It is alleged that four Russian tourists were killed when bathed, and also due to serious health problems.

Rosturizm encourages Russian tourists on vacation in Turkey and other countries with hot climates, in order to avoid accidents to take into account peculiarities of your health and possible climate impacts on overall health, the message reads.

In connection with these tragedies, the Federal Agency for tourism announced a number of recommendations for citizens, among which is the desire to limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

As reported Корреспондент.netin 2017 the number of tourists from Russia to Turkey has increased tenfold . Only in Antalya for the first six months of rest 1.1 million Russians. Also projected that in 2017 the city will be visited by 2.6 million tourists from Russia.

Earlier in the Crimea complained about the difficulties of competition with Turkey. “The Minister of resorts and tourism” Sergey Strelbitsky was preparing a letter to the government of Russia to help Crimea in the fight for tourist market.

In the Crimea expect a fall in tourist arrivals to one million people