Photo: One of the tourists on his head

Russians were offended that they were called “dumb nation”.

The staff of one of the hotels in Turkey beat Russia citizens of Russia. As reported by the Apostrophe, it happened in the night of September 24.

As told the Russian tourist from Upper Pyshma Nikita Zudov, he and his friends decided to write and complain to the bartender that “poorly served by the Russians.”

“Tourists from Russia had a one hour wait for a glass of beer at the bar. Once our eyes the bartender rudely served of Russian girls. Directly told them that the Russians — dumb nation and all Russian girls are easy, and the men are drunk rednecks. The position of such staff,” – said the Russian.

The Russians said that the complaint provoked aggression on the part of staff, which led to the fight.

As a result of fight one of the Russians smashed nose, her boyfriend smashed the bat head, the other participants in the brawl, escaped with bruises .

After the fight injured were taken to hospital and later to the station. The Russians claim that after some time in the hotel allowed only girls. Tourists were evicted and the time they had returned home.

In turn, according to the Director of the hotel, tourists from Russia were heavily drunk on the day of the conflict, were aggressive and attacked themselves staff.

Now Zudov and his friends demand a full refund of the vouchers from the tour operator.

Recall that in Abkhazia threw stones at the bus with tourists from Russia.