Alexander Skipalsky urged Kiev to prepare for the “Russian offensive”. About it reports “observer”, reports “Russian conversation”.

Lieutenant General said that Moscow will take such a step after the detention in the port of Odessa oblast of the Russian tanker Nika Spirit, formerly known as Neyma. According to him, after the arrest of the ship, the Ukrainian side should be mobilized and be prepared to “give back.”

As previously reported, on 25 July, the SBU detained at the port of the Russian tanker, which came into the harbour for repairs. Representatives of the intelligence agencies believe that the ship could participate in the arrest of the Ukrainian military courts during last year’s provocations of Kiev near the Crimean bridge. According to the Ukrainian authorities, the tanker allegedly blocked the way for the ships of naval forces of Ukraine in Kerch Strait.

After that, Alexei Pushkov explained, what purpose the Ukrainian side has decided to take this step.