The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky decreed December 8 a day of mourning for the purpose of honoring the memory of those killed in the incident on December 4 a fire in the building of the Odessa College of Economics, law and hotel and restaurant business.

“1. To declare in Ukraine, December 8, 2019 a day of mourning. 2. A day of mourning throughout Ukraine to lower a little State flag of Ukraine on buildings and constructions of public authorities, local governments, state enterprises, institutions and organizations; to cancel entertainment and concert events, to make appropriate changes in programs for television and radio”, – stated in the text of the decree No. 892/2019 of 7 December, promulgated on Saturday evening on the website of the President.

On his page on the social network Facebook Zelensky reminded that as of Saturday evening the fire in Odessa took the lives of eight Ukrainians, including died in hospital from received during elimination of a fire injury of the rescuer Sergey Shatohina, and the fate of the ten people is still unknown.

“I declare Sunday, December 8, a national day of mourning for those killed in Odessa. Tomorrow we will open up the state flags. Cancel celebrations and festivities. We will stop and think. Let this tragic event be a lesson to all officers, managers, for all citizens of Ukraine”, – he wrote.

The President stressed that life is the most valuable thing for every person, and every life is most valuable for the country.

“To save a life – the first and most important task of the state. Sad when people die at the front. But doubly bitter when people are dying in a peaceful town, in the light of day, as a result of someone else’s mistakes or negligence. We pray for the repose of the souls of the dead. To seek out those who have gone missing, praying and hoping to find them alive,” said Zelensky.

He also stressed: “we Will work so that this does not happen again”.

“Eternal memory to the victims. Eternal memory to the hero-rescuer Sergey Shatohina. Sincere condolences to the family,” added the head of state.

According to information on the website of the state service of Ukraine for emergency situations, as of 21.00 Saturday activities on liquidation of emergency situation of a fire in the building of the Odessa College of Economics, law and hotel and restaurant business continued.

Only the fire killed eight people. 31 people were injured, in hospitals remains of 9 victims. According to the National police, the fate of 10 people remains unknown.

As reported at 10:12 environment in the Odessa College of Economics, law and hotel and restaurant business on the third floor of a six storey educational building was on fire, the area of which reached 4 thousand square meters In 14:18 the same day, it was localized, but the putting out individual fires and smoldering plots continued.

Upon a fire criminal proceedings under part 2 of article 270 (violation established by the legislation of fire safety requirements) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. On 5 and 6 December declared days of mourning in Odessa.