432 new cases of coronavirus disease Covid-19 registered in Ukraine for the last day, 17 of the patients died, 344 recovered, whereas a day earlier it was reported 442 new cases Covid-19 for the previous day, and may 21 – on 476 new cases.

As reported on the website of the monitoring System of the epidemic of the coronavirus of the Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC) on Saturday morning, now in Ukraine Covid-19 13 046 hurts people, which is 71 more than the previous day.

However, according to the Center for public health (CHP) of the Ministry of health of Ukraine in Facebook per day 60 sick children and 93 health worker (from the beginning of the pandemic ill 1 494 4 000 child and health care workers). The number of deaths for the last day of medical workers is not (only 28 died from the beginning of the pandemic).

Hospitalization per day was sent to 106 people, including two children and 15 health workers (from the beginning of the pandemic, hospitalization was assigned 6 439 patients, of which 250 children and 732 health workers). To the apparatus of artificial lung ventilation (ALV) during the day not up anyone (from the beginning of the pandemic -256 people, including one child, and 22 physicians).

Laboratory investigated 277 712 samples by PCR, including 10 527 for the last day.