Web portal of tourism in Ukraine Zruchno.Travel, bringing together a database of more than 49 thousand tourist sites of the country, began work on may 17.

During the nine months of development and content of the portal was involved in the Association of hospitality industry of Ukraine (AIG), the Association of E-Ukraine, tourism professionals, programmers, journalists, bloggers and sociologists.

As noted by the Chairman of the Board of the AIG Alexander Liev at a press conference in Kyiv on Wednesday, Zruchno.Travel plans to consolidate information about all existing tourist facilities in the country, but now its database is the largest in Ukraine.

Among the services of the portal – selection of actual proposals for the organization of leisure for the weekend, information about activities and events, search tours, attractions, catering establishments and means of temporary accommodation in different areas of Ukraine . Also, the portal will cover news regarding travel and tourism in Ukraine.

In addition, according to A. Liev, the representatives of the authorities of each region have the opportunity to lead on the portal theme page is to highlight, promote and advance tourism in the region.

Among the attractions will Zruchno.Travel – museums, historical sites and monuments, religious and natural sites and so on.

As noted A. Liev, the actual cost of launching the portal Zruchno.Travel amounted to 3 million UAH, while many participants of the project worked for free.

“This year, the portal will not bring any income – that’s for sure. Over time, we see it can work as big data – that is, to provide information that can be used in marketing research. Perhaps this information will be sold on a commercial basis, to support activity of the portal and its development”, – said the head of the AIG.

At the same time, the co-founder of the Association of E-Ukraine and project Manager Zruchno.Travel Yegor Stefanovich added that the portal technology, machine learning, and big data will help to centralize the industry of domestic tourism in Ukraine, to understand the key trends and existing tourist traffic, to highlight the most interesting tourist destinations, but will also give the opportunity to evaluate and predict the demand and preferences of Ukrainian tourists.

In this case, E. Stefanovich pointed to the insufficient level of automation of the sphere of domestic tourism in Ukraine and noted that the project Zruchno.Travel will work to raise it.

“Today, rural tourism industry is automated somewhere roughly 5-10%. We plan in the next three to five years to increase this figure to 30-40%, thereby optimizing the database of tourist flow and making, on the one hand, for leisure tourism cheaper, and for the travel business more profitable”, he said.