Anti-tank systems “SKIF”



Photo: Facebook

News of Ukraine In Chernihiv region have successfully completed the final tests of a new portable anti-tank systems “SKIF”.

In Chernihiv region held the final stage of testing a new modification of the missile system “SKIF”. During the tests were launched guided missile “SKIF”. All defined objectives were successfully struck, reports the press service of Kyiv state design Bureau “Luch”.

Portable antitank missile system “SKIF” is intended for defeat of manpower of the opponent, moving and stationary armored targets with combined, spaced or monolithic armour, including era, and also pinpoint targets like permanent weapon emplacements, and lightly armored objects and helicopters.

The feature of complex is possibility of missile guidance to the target from concealed positions and shelters that reduces the risk of gunner’s return fire attack of the enemy .

Earlier advanced combat module “Duplet”, intended for the modernization of armored vehicles, has been successfully tested.