In Ukraine in the Sumy region in the course of a search of the Colonel of police seized a large amount of cash, Arsenal of weapons, gold bars and even the flag of the Russian Federation.

According to “Russian conversation” with reference to
the Prosecutor of the Sumy region, a search
was the Deputy head of Shostka
police Department. It is noted that Colonel
was detained when receiving a bribe in
the amount of 7 thousand UAH. The Staff Of The National
police conducted a number of investigative
events in the office and the house officer
the law enforcement agencies.

During the search
his house was found a large
the number of firearms and
ammunition, a bayonet-knifes, and
the flag of the Russian Federation. At the same time in
office in the course of investigations
it was discovered 21,5 thousand dollars, 150
euros, gold bullion, and a collection
coins .

At this
the moment law enforcement
authorities trace the origin
just found.

note that the result
a criminal case under part 2 of article 368-2 and
article 366-1 of the criminal code.