Another two advisers from the United States will arrive in Ukraine in the current year, reported the foreign Advisor of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine from United States Steven Silverstein.

“We want to send to Ukraine advisors on cyber security and strategic communications. We are carefully studying the strategic Defense Bulletin to see which area is not yet covered by the EA… Specialist on cyber security is extremely necessary due to the high activity of the aggressor. We are now in the process of finding an Advisor. This is a great investment in human resource,” said Mr. Silverstein in an exclusive interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

He said that recently in Ukraine from the United States arrived senior strategic Advisor, his task is to coordinate the entire process of defence reform.

“Already met with General Petrenko (Deputy Minister of defense of Ukraine for European integration Lieutenant General Anatoliy Petrenko – if)”, – said S. Silverstein .

Answering the question of assistance in the form of weapons and military equipment, he said, “I wouldn’t want to talk about weapons, because I don’t want to give enemies more information. My heart is with Ukraine and don’t want to hurt. But I am sure that the United States is very valuable Ukraine as a partner, you know the true history of Ukraine”.

“The Minister Mattis stated that he believes in the efforts of the Minister Poltorak”, – said S. Silverstein.

The full interview will be published on the Agency’s website in the section “Exclusive interview”.