Vyacheslav Kirilenko



Photo: ukrafoto.com

Ukraine news: Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kyrylenko said on separate rules for Ukrainian celebrities play in Russia.

There are less touring in Russia. The reason is the intention of the government to pass laws that will establish separate rules for those who give concerts on the territory of the aggressor state. About new laws and prospects of their adoption in an interview with “Apostrophe” said Deputy Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kirilenko.

According to him, the bill on the tour of the Ukrainian stars were registered in Russia in early March in Parliament, but actually three of them.

“Basic changes in Budget and Tax codes, it was brought by the deputies from almost all the democratic factions, not only the two coalition factions, but factions that were part of the previous coalition and independent MPs . And around it even as ideas were debates, even when we presented in February, because it’s a resonance issue. To resolve hard by we all call, but when it comes down to it, start the debate!, – said Kirilenko.

Touring artists of Russia in Ukraine, the SBU introduced a mechanism

As explained Vice-the Prime Minister, the bill is simple – it establishes that those who toured the territory of the aggressor state, according to the security Service of Ukraine to participate in all the entertainment events planning in the Russian Federation.

Then SBU applies to the organ, leading special registry of persons who are touring in the territory of the aggressor state. Based on this registry then you will titrate a TV show or a video clip of this by saying that the artist is touring on the territory of the aggressor state. Radio is going through a voice message from the speaker, all this is done in advertisements and posters of concerts with the participation of that artist in Ukraine.

“Plus, I proposed to introduce a tour fee of 20% which will be charged for each event, which is attended by responsible persons listed in the register of persons, who are touring in the territory of the aggressor state. And targeted these funds should go to maintaining the defense capability and national security of Ukraine. In this regard, also changes in Tax and Budget codes,” added Kirilenko.

He stressed that the bill was, it will certainly be considered. But there are those who are against him.

“Against mostly TV channels, in rotation which have video clips with the participation of some performers, which often in recent years, visited the state-an aggressor. This resistance, however, the informal – or hidden POLYCRETE – but it will not be an obstacle for consideration of the bill. And the deputies will decide on its support”, – said Vice Prime Minister.

“However, we can say that the number of our stars, who are touring in Russia, has decreased dramatically since the start of serious discussion on introducing this bill,” he concluded.