The Ministry of information policy Ukraini

Minister of information policy of Ukraine Yuriy stets has instructed the Department to prepare a list of threatening the information security of the sites for closure. He declared it on a press-conferences, report “Ukrainian news”.

“In the next two weeks, I would like that he (the Deputy Minister of information policy Dmitry Zolotukhin – ed). brought to the Advisory Council under the Ministry of information policy, which includes media experts and public figures, the list of sites that should be closed,” he said.

The Minister cited the website “Russian spring”.

According to him, this list will be discussed with the security Service of Ukraine and in the expert Council. Further, the MIP will look for a mechanism for closure.

“There’s just one problem: none of the law of Ukraine does not describe the mechanism, how to react,” – said stets .

The Minister stressed that, most likely, closing of the sites will be carried out through the courts.

Stets noted that it is necessary to foresee changes in the law, to be able to respond more quickly to the websites that threaten information security.

In his opinion, the expert Council is a tool that should not allow censorship.

We will remind, on February 25, President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree that enacted the NSDC decision on the establishment of the “doctrine of information security of Ukraine”. The document defines Ukraine’s national interests in the information sphere, threats to their implementation, direction and priorities of the state policy in inforsphere.

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