Ukrainian hydrometeorological center said that the situation with air pollution in Kiev will improve on April 20. This broadcast “112 Ukraine” said the Director of Ukrainian hydrometeorological Nicholas Kulbida.

According to the Director of the center, information regarding the fact that Kiev is now the most polluted in the world atmosphere, is not true.

“Those resources, which show the contamination on the territory of Ukraine and in Kiev are not true, because it’s a big exaggeration, that in Kiev the most polluted atmosphere in the world. It’s not true. Second, indeed, in connection with the strong wind, which was observed yesterday, on the territory of the city it is a lot of dust that blows out of open fields are not protected by vegetation. After the dust began to do the air masses from the North-West, where some of the Zhytomyr region, where there are pockets of fire,” – said Kulbida.