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TASS, 7 Aug. State of emergency introduced in the Ussuri urban district of Primorsky Krai, where after the rain came about 2 thousand statements about flooding. This was reported TASS the press service of the district.

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In the night of 6 to 7 August 2017 in the southern regions of Primorsky Krai have experienced a large amount of precipitation. According to forecasters, the rains of varying intensity will continue in the region even during the day. As have informed in a press-service of the Primorsky territory administration, the night because of heavy rains were flooded several settlements in the Khasan and Nadezhdinsky districts. “The highest rainfall is more than 250 mm fell in the village of Barabash Khasan district, Ussuriisk more than 200 mm,” – said in the message .

Currently in Ussuriysk in temporary accommodation centers (TACs) are more than 40 people affected by heavy floods, said the representative of the administration.

“In the city of Ussuriysk there are two TACs, in that morning asked 43 people, including children. Currently, the water in the Ussuriysk slept, however, remain flooded the road connecting the city with villages,” – said the representative of the administration.

In the transport blockade due to degraded roads were village Krounovka, Janovka, Wasnae, Krasny Yar, Linewise, Rakovka, Bogolyubovka and village Guerrillas with a population of about 3 thousand people. Not there are three kindergartens were left without power for two clinic children’s hospital.

In the affected areas there have been violations in the power supply, it fixed do recovery crews. According to regional GU Ministry of emergency situations recorded flooding of low-lying roads and farmland, the cancelled part of the bus trip to Ussuriysk.

With the help of firefighters had evacuated residents of settlements, cut off from the outside world by water. Two groups of seaside rescue workers moved into areas to build a boat terminal in the near future the third group will go to Ussuriisk. Also involved units of the regional fire Department.

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With a number of settlements of Primorsky Krai interrupted railway traffic.

The representative a press-services of the Vladivostok branch of the far Eastern railway (DVZHD) Alexander Artamonov said that the detained passenger train Khabarovsk – Vladivostok (two trains) and the Soviet Harbour – Vladivostok, only 1247 people. Suburban passenger trains Ussuriysk – Vladivostok and Vladivostok – Ussuriysk returned to the departure point, all the other trains in these areas, is cancelled.

According to him, the passengers of delayed trains sent to Ussuriysk and Vladivostok buses.

Regional authorities reported that the rains had washed away the road in the direction of the Russian-Chinese border through the checkpoint “Kraskino”, travel in this direction is blocked. “The roads in the Khasan district was vague, leaving aside Russian-the Chinese border through the checkpoint Kraskino blocked. Held an emergency meeting with representatives of tour operators and travel agencies of the region. Tourists are recommended to refrain from trips to the border with China via the vehicle checkpoint “Kraskino”, located in the Khasan district”, – stated in the message.