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World news: government of Venice maximum attention to the safety of tourists and residents.

On the streets of Venice on Saturday installed turnstiles that are designed for the passage of a certain number of tourists, the newspaper La Repubblica.

“Through the turnstiles at the bridge of the Constitution and of the station of Santa Lucia may take a limited number of tourists, then the pass will only be available for local residents. These measures taken in connection with the need to control tourist flows, which should be evenly distributed throughout the city”, – stated in the message.

Near the turnstiles on duty police officers who monitor the movements of tourists in the event of violations to close the passage.

According to mayor Luigi Brugnaro, guests are of great importance for Venice, but in the first place – the safety of local people and travelers .

Previously, the city authorities decided on the establishment of numerical limits for tourists. So, on the Central square of San Marco is set a limit of visits in the 65 thousand people a day.