The tragedy took place in the suburbs of one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. The man invited the woman he liked in a restaurant.

According to “Russian conversation”, 50-year-old man named Stefano Percale on the phone said that is not against the presence at the dinner for a new boyfriend ex-bride from Russia.

However, the reality turned out quite differently. Unsuspecting 30-year-old Russian, along with his 31-year-old young man came to dinner was played an unprecedented drama.

First jealous 50-year-old Percale poisoned former lover Anastasia Shakurova with her boyfriend Biaggio Junior Buonomo dangerous drugs, and then began the massacre. Russian woman he strangled with his bare hands. And seeing a stick lying nearby, grabbed her and beat her up until the rage ended.

About a perfect murder 50-the summer jealous man told police their own . He didn’t try to escape from the scene and waited for the arrival of law enforcement.

And when he was arrested, lawyered up and said nothing more, preferring to remain silent.