Photo: the Operation lasted 8 hours

Vietnamese surgeons conducted a unique operation. World’s first human transplant brush from a living donor.

The surgeons of the military hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam conducted the world’s first transplantation of a hand from a living donor. The transplant went well, according to the website of the Central military hospital.

31-year-old Phan van Vuong was injured at work – his hand went under stamping installation in 2016. The man had to amputate the arm below the forearm.

Donor Woonga was another patient, also injured left hand, but in the beginning of 2020. Surgeons tried to save his leg, but gangrene and the doctors decided to amputate. It is noted that the brush of the patient is practically not affected.

The surgeons obtained the consent of him and his family on organ donation.

Transplantation surgery was eight hours.

“Transplantation of the hand generally involves many challenges owing to the complex structure of the human hand, and in this case we had to take measures to prevent secondary infected with gangrene, as the donor’s arm to near the elbow was infected,” – said the Deputy head of the hospital and its chief surgeon Nguyen the Hoang, who led the operation.

He added that Phan van Vuong after surgery could move new fingers. A month later, the transplanted hand takes the items.

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