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Ukraine news: In Vinnytsia region the man tried to detain, was wounded by a grenade of the head of the response team.

In Vinnytsia region during the detention of the men, threatening with a grenade at the train station, injured the head of the response team patrol police .

As reported on Monday, the Department of communication of the police Vinnytsia region, on the evening of 8 July, on the specialline 102 the message that at the railway station in the village Floryne unknown threatens people with a grenade. On the scene arrived the police sector response police patrol.

The attacker, noticing police, began to flee to the outskirts of the village, towards the forest. When police caught up with him, he threw in their direction grenade – blast injured the chief of the response team patrol police. With closed cherepno-a brain trauma and concussion of a brain it hospitalised in regional hospital in a state of moderate severity.

To help patrol arrived, another group responses police patrol. As a result of joint actions of the malefactor was detained. It was them 42-the summer local resident, earlier judged for theft.

At survey of a scene employees of explosive service police and dog handlers seized the remains of the grenade, the lever to the fuse from a grenade uzrgm-2 and plastid weighing about 100 g. the Physical evidence submitted for examination. Police investigate the origin of the explosives and the purpose of its acquisition.

In Vinnytsia region fell under a train, two elderly people

The malefactor is detained and is in temporary detention facility. His actions are qualified under article 348 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (encroachment on life of the employee of law enforcement body). He faces imprisonment for the term from 9 till 15 years or lifelong imprisonment.