Photo: Facebook a woman’s burial of Sarmatian times

On the mother-mountain was found female remains and a few household items. Their age is comparable to the Sarmatian monuments.

At the Zaporozhye mother-grief, the archaeologists found an ancient women’s burial. In the course of excavations also managed to find the female remains, a bronze mirror, a few beads and the moulded potty. About it marked on Facebook.

To date the burial had discovered on the mirror floral pattern. The pattern on it matches the one found in the Sarmatian monuments.

Also was discovered in the burial beads, which could be embellished sleeveless women’s dress. Experts called the discovery unique.

Over the past 30 years on the mother-mountain was able to find only one burial of this period.

The wound was reported that in Olbia have been found valuable artifacts during the archaeological excavations. It was the fragments of houses, as well as some items .