The explosion of the snowman in Zurich


Photo: Twitter

Traditional celebration ends with a Bang of the head of the snowman.

In the Swiss city of Zurich over the spring festival of Setswana (Sechseläuten), final burning of a giant snowman. On it informs edition The Local.

The figure represents the winter, mounted on a pole and stuffed with firecrackers, and the biggest charge was hidden in the head. The Swiss believe that the sooner it explodes the better the summer weather. This year the fire got to her in nine minutes 56 seconds.

The record time was recorded in 2003 when the snowman’s head exploded in five minutes 42 seconds. Summer was indeed exceptionally hot. The longest snowman lasted in 2016, when the explosion waited for 43 minutes, 34 seconds. Contrary to belief, the summer weather turned dry and hot.

9:56 Minuten: Der #Böögg verspricht einen schönen Sommer. #Sechseläuten ^um

— SRF News (@srfnews) 24 APR 2017


Setswana celebrate the beginning of XX century on the third Monday of April. Under the solemn music on the streets of Zurich parade of people in period costumes representing the various craft guilds. Bakers toss rolls of the people, winemakers treat wine, others showered the crowd with candy.