The Directorate General of antidumping and allied duties Ministry of Commerce and industry of India (Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Directorate General of Anti-Dumping & Allied Duties, DGAD) has granted Ukraine the market status within the antidumping investigation concerning deliveries of cold-rolled steel, the object of which in particular were the products of Ukrainian companies.

As reported by the Ministry of economic development and trade (MEDT) of Ukraine the market status in the anti-dumping investigation in which the active involvement of the Ministry and Ukrainian producers, the competent authority of the Republic of India was first determined that the Ukrainian company working on the principles of market economy.

It is noted that in recent years the Ministry has repeatedly raised with India the issue of recognition of the market status of Ukraine in the framework of anti-dumping investigations . This issue was discussed during bilateral meetings during his visit to India in January 2017, the first Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of economic development and trade Stepan Kubiv.

“The recognition of market status of Ukrainian economy will improve competitive conditions for our exporters in the Indian market. Market status provides a fair approach to the analysis of price policies of Ukrainian companies in the Indian market, which will allow to avoid unjustified accusations of dumping. I welcome this decision by the Indian colleagues, which further opens the growing Indian market for Ukrainian products”, – said S. Kubiv, quoted by the press service of the Ministry.

In addition, it is explained that the recognition of market economy status within the framework of the anti-dumping investigation involves the calculation of normal value for purposes of determining dumping margin on the basis of data directly to Ukrainian producers and exporters.

As reported, the Ministry of Finance of India 17 Aug 2016 announced introduction of preliminary anti-dumping duties on shipments to flat-rolled products originating from Ukraine, Korea, China and Japan. Anti-dumping duty calculated as the difference between $594 and the customs value of cold-rolled steel per ton, however, in the case of supply at a higher price it is equal to zero.

Under the sanctions were cold-rolled carbon flat products of unalloyed and alloyed, uncoated, of all sizes, width and thickness, the initial codes of the Customs tariff (Custom Tariff Heading) 7209, 7211, 7225 or 7226.

The investigation was initiated on the complaint of companies Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL), JSW Steel Ltd, Essar Steel India Ltd and JSW Steel Coated Products Ltd, which together produce more than half of the corresponding cold-rolled steel in India.

The investigation covered the period of supply from July to December 2015. It also took into account the damage caused in some periods from April 2012 to December 2015.

It was also reported that India 23 Nov 2016 introduced until mid-2019 protective duties on imports of flat hot-rolled steel in sheets and plates, of alloy or non-alloy steel, of a thickness of less than or equal to 150 mm and a width of more than or equal to 600 mm for commodity items Indian items: 7208, 7225 40 13, 7225 40 19, 7225 40 20, 7225 40 30 and 7225 99.

7 February 2017, the Finance Ministry of India has extended for two months introduced in 2016 for six months of the provisional anti-dumping duties against steel cold-rolled flat-rolled products originating from Ukraine, Korea, China and Japan.