Industrial production in Ukraine in February 2018 rose by 1.9% compared to February 2017, while in January this figure was 3 .6%, reported the State statistics service (SSS) on Thursday.

The Department clarifies that, with the correction for the effect of calendar days, industrial production in February 2018 to February-2017 increased by 2%.

State statistics Committee indicates that in relation to the previous month in February of this year industrial production fell by 3.5%, and taking into account the seasonal factor – 2%.

For the first two months of this year to the past two months industrial production growth was 2.8%, including in processing industry 6,5%, in mining and quarrying – 1%, whereas in the supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning declined by 6.1%.

In February-2018 to Feb-2017 processing industry increased its production by 3.4%, mining industry – by 2,3%, whereas in the supply of electricity, gas, steam and conditioned air production declined by 3.8%.

As reported, industrial production in Ukraine in 2017 fell 0.1% after rising 2.4% in 2016. This was preceded by four years of decline: in 2015, the industrial production fell by 13%, in 2014 – by 10.1%, in 2013 – 4.3%, in 2012 – 0.7 percent.