Moscow zoo has sued the Studio, hiring the raccoon and shot with his participation “erotic” video.

Zoo sometimes gives his
animals Directors. In this case, the user did the same, as
the Studio announced that the raccoon needed for advertising photography. Later, however, footage of “advertising”
appeared in social networks: in the video clearly featured a Nude model.

The first Art-Msk said
the trial “absurd” and a raccoon stole models a bra during

Studio Manager, marketing
Valeriy Bogatov said it was not a sex tape because it was made
for broadcast on television.

As the representative of the zoo
when a raccoon Thomas returned from shooting, he became “sad” and started to reach for
a woman’s Breasts. This, apparently, says that during the shooting of workers
the Studio fed Thomas some treats, and he began to associate
have fun with Breasts .

“We noticed that his
attracted to women’s Breasts,” – said the press Secretary of the Moscow zoo Victor
Kiryukhin. According to him, the use of animals in this case was immoral.

Earlier the Voronezh zoo announced the decision to euthanize all their feathered charges. And in one of the Chinese zoos tigers fattened so that the animals are not able to move.

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