Wounded during the shelling of residential areas of Marinka on Monday are in the hospital, the shelling of the city continues, said the General Department of national police of Ukraine in Donetsk region.

“When the shelling started the 64-year-old man and his 43-year-old son were in their own garden down the street Prokofiev 220. The victims received multiple shrapnel wounds of the back, arms and legs. They are now in hospital in Kurakhovo”, – stated in the message on page offices in Facebook.

A message from the doctors that delivered the two men with multiple shrapnel wounds of the back, arms and legs received in a call center Mariinsko police Department on Monday at 19.00.

Victims are provided assistance, to their life threatens nothing.

“A powerful attack Marinka continues today. Hottest area of the former hospital,” said police.

On this fact police opened criminal proceedings under article 258 “Terrorist act” the criminal code of Ukraine .