Trading house “Inkerman” plans in 2018, producing about 10 million bottles of still and sparkling wines, said CEO of TD Anna, gorkun.

“The production plan depends on the dynamics of sales and market. While our current forecast of production is about 10 million bottles for the year 2018”, – she said in comments to the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

According to the company, in 2017 it sold about 9 million bottles of still and sparkling wines TM “Inkerman”.

At the same time the General Director TD “Inkerman,” said now still early to predict production volume of grapes this year, but noted that while any threat to the harvest there.

“Growers decided not to talk about specific numbers until the beginning of April, when the risk of a sharp decline in temperature becomes a minimum and begins the so-called “SAP” . This phase of development of the grapes lasts from the third decade of March to the third decade of April and depends on many factors – soil temperature and air humidity of the soil, grape varieties, varieties of rootstock, the capacity of the root system, the horizon of its maximum development. Towards the end of April it will be clear, but so far any catastrophe is not observed”, – said A. gorkun.

TD “Inkerman” was created in 2014 as a subsidiary company Inkerman International AB is an international winemaking holding (Sweden). Its shareholders are HTT BWH Holding Ltd. – 40% (Finland), Eksen Investments Limited – 40% (Cyprus), Pan Chang Group Inc. Limited – 20% (China).