The actress is already a few days out, ignoring the calls of friends.

It reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to the domestic publication Dni.Ru.

Inna is now busy working on a role in the theatrical production of “the Audience”. For the first time the play will show on the 25th of April. Churikova has to play the role of the Queen of great Britain Elizabeth the Second. Before the premiere, the journalists decided to contact the artist in order to learn more about her work. But the reporters this was not possible.

A spokeswoman Inna, Marina, explained what could happen. According to the Director of the artist, she is also sometimes quite a long time can not contact her. Marina explains itself Churikova reported that during rehearsals puts on your mobile to silent and puts the phone in a bag, not checking to see if she called anyone . The woman added that the actress is very serious about work, therefore not allowing anything to distract yourself.

According to Marina, now there is no reason for concern. Most likely, at the time, as journalists tried to contact Churikova, she was busy working.