The donation will be used to shape the way the spread of dangerous diseases.

The user Intera donated 100 thousand euros to the Department of biomedical research of the hospital Luigi Sacco in Milan. This was reported by the press service of the club.

The Agency has been studying a new type of coronavirus. This donation will be used to shape the way the spread of the disease.

“We are closely monitoring the situation with coronavirus from the beginning. Now the only priority is public health and safety. It is our duty to help the world in this difficult time,” said club President Steven Zhang.

Recall, outbreak of coronavirus was first recorded in the beginning of 2020 in China, then the virus has spread around the world. In Italy the disease has killed more than 100 people.

The outbreak led to the cancellation of many public events, including sports. So, in the North of Italy has cancelled five matches of Serie A. In Asia abolished the international Champions Cup, and the stage of the biathlon world Cup in Nove mesto will be held without spectators.

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