The watch company Breitling is an “official supplier for world aviation”. For Brightling, the concepts of reliability and performance are the main criteria that determine the development and production of all chronographs. However, just as in the world of aviation, technological research does not impede the aesthetic approach. Large cases, contrasting finishes and a general appearance reminiscent of instruments in the cockpit – all this emphasizes the peculiarity and distinctive properties of each Breitling brand “professional tool”  . Therefore, Breitling pays attention to aesthetic details in order to show the richness of the two worlds on the verge of art and science, where everything is highly measurable.


In the early 50s of the last century, Boeing, Lockheed and Douglas companies, like the other 25 airlines, chose to use their Breitling Swiss watches to equip their aircraft. Commercial and private aviation developed rapidly and flourished. May 2, 1952, the year the Navitimer model appeared on the market. De Havilland Comet’s first-ever civilian jet aircraft ushered in a new era of aviation, flying from London to Johannesburg. Breitling, in turn, developed a revolutionary instrument for that time, combining the advantages of a chronograph and a navigation computer in the form of a circular slide rule that allows calculations related to on-board navigation. The model received the appropriate name Navitimer, resulting from the reduction of the word navigation and the addition of the word timer.

From the sky to the stars Breitling Navitimer Model became the official watch of AORA – Association of Aircraft Owners and Pilots, whose logo appeared on the first watch models. The pilots were impressed by the functionality and reliability of the watch, so Navitimer soon became a must-have tool in aviation circles. This success reinforced Breitling’s position as an “official supplier for global aviation.” This motto was often used in advertising campaigns of that period. At the beginning of the space exploration era, Breitling developed the space version of Navitimer, called Cosmonaute, with a 24-hour display. Since the concept of day and night in space is extremely relative, this configuration allows space crews not to confuse midday with midnight. May 24, 1962 astronaut Scott Carpenter became the first person

Highly efficient watch movements

Breitung watches movements were designed and built not only to show the exact time. They must maintain their perfect reliability, functionality, and efficiency, even in the most extreme situations, just like an airplane engine. For more than 100 years, Breitling has been equipping its chronographs and watch-devices with clockworks in accordance with the most modern and high requirements and achievements in the watch industry. This commitment to excellence has reached its zenith – 100% of the company’s products have a chronometer certificate. To achieve this level, Breitung uses a wide range of measures and technical solutions that meet the highest standards of the watch industry.

As a specialist in the manufacture of technical watches and instruments for professionals, Breitling has always considered the quality indicator of its movements to be the most important. Brand  Britling became famous in the field of production of mechanical chronographs. The company became a pioneer in this area thanks to several inventions and improvements, such as, for example, in 1923 – the appearance of the first independent chronograph button, in 1934 – the appearance of the second button to reset the readings, in 1969 – the invention of the automatic chronograph. In order to be able to offer professional pilots high-level technology, Breitling is constantly improving the technical characteristics of its watch movements. The company’s recent developments in the field of electronics also put the company at the top of the watch industry rating.

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100% of products with a chronometer certificate

In aviation, quality is the most important indicator. In order to ensure optimum safety, each component must be officially certified and each part must meet their high technical requirements. Similarly, in the watch industry, a synonym for the highest quality is the availability of a chronograph certificate issued by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). Only clockworks assembled from high-quality parts that have passed the most stringent tests can be awarded chronograph certificates. The certificate is an assessment and recognition of high accuracy and absolute reliability. Breitling – the only major brand in the world whose products are fully equipped with certified watch movements in the field of mechanical and quartz watch movements and can be purchased online in our online  Guardian Of Time boutique. This achievement represents the logical culmination of more than a century of research and development efforts. This is a sign of exclusivity since only 3% of watches produced annually in Switzerland receive an official certificate of a chronometer.

Technology by execution, execution by technology

In order to achieve 100% compliance of its products with the high requirements of chronographs,  Breitling built an ultra-modern factory in the vicinity of La Chaux-de-Fonds, specializing in the design and manufacture of mechanical watch movements. This place reflects the industry’s requirements for accuracy and quality; here the unique know-how of watchmakers is supported by the latest advanced technical equipment. Hands, eyes and cars complement each other perfectly. In some operations, robots are simply irreplaceable. Industrialization, on the other hand, allows certain tasks to achieve a more accurate level of tolerance than was possible by working manually.