International airport “Odessa” is again operating normally after checking anonymous allegations of mining. The evacuated passengers and 850 employees, now there is a check-in for flights.

“Currently, the airport reopened… there is a check-in of passengers for flights”, – informs the Department of communication of the police in the Odessa region.

The police indicated that during the inspection the specialists evacuated 850 passengers and airport staff.

Information about the incident included in the Unified register of pretrial investigations on the legal qualification of article 259 (obviously inveracious message on threat of safety of citizens, destructions or damages of objects of property) the Criminal code of Ukraine, taking measures to identification of the offender who provided false information.

As reported, on Saturday at 14.00 on spetsliniyu “102” received a message from an unknown that in the International airport “Odessa” laid explosives .