Law enforcers are considering three versions of the fire at the Odessa College of Economics, law and hotel and restaurant business, reports a press-service of the Ministry of internal Affairs with reference to the chief of police of Odessa region Oleg Beha.

“The fire was due to faulty electrical wiring and appliances, careless handling of fire, the perpetration of arson. In addition, the announced suspicion to the head of the College for negligence. After receiving the results of examinations may be awarded suspect a few more people,” said Bech said during a meeting of the governmental Commission on investigation of causes of the fire at the Odessa College.

He informed that the police carried out an analysis of video recordings from surveillance cameras on buildings near the scene.

“It is established that the fire originated in the area of the second floor of Odessa College. According to the analysis of CCTV cameras, the first smoke of the building discovered at 10:07 on December 4,” said Bech.

He added that immediately after the localization of the fire in touch with loved ones not there were 14 people, of which currently, the identities of the four people who died at the scene. Also established the identity of six other victims, was found at the scene.

The chief of police of Odessa region also reported that during the examination of the scene discovered and seized documents on fire safety in the school, who was not injured.

Beh noted that the automatic warning system fire safety in the building was absent, and the notification was carried out in manual mode. In addition, until that time, the police had not seized any fire extinguisher from the room, and some fire extinguishers were found under the bed of the commandant.