As it became known, the representative of the Main investigatory management SK across Moscow region Olga Brady made a statement regarding the progress of the investigation thundered all over the country the scandalous case of the murder of former member of spetsnaz GRU Nikita Belyankina, alone opposed the crowd of attackers who had beaten two boys, reports “Russian Dialogue,” citing TASS.

According to the information of Vardi reported that militiamen in a short time managed to establish the identity of criminals, search their homes and confiscate personal belongings that are of interest to the investigation.

“During the production of investigative and operational activities the information received about the persons who took part in the fight. Conducted inspections of the home, seized items and items of importance for further investigation of the criminal case,” – said Brady.

It should be noted, according to the father of the deceased Nikita Belyankina Alexei Belyankina, the investigator dealing with the case of the murder of his son, said that one of the suspects relating to the offence is set, he lives near the place where the crime was committed.

“I am now in the investigator’s office. As I said, law enforcement officers, they managed to establish one of the suspects. He definitely had to do with the bar, near which the crime was committed. This newcomer from Armenia, in recent years he lived near the place where the murder occurred,” said Belyankin.

Earlier, the “Russian conversation” told readers about the statement of an eyewitness of the murder of ex-fighter GRU Nikita Belyankina, which described the last seconds of life heroically deceased ex-special ops soldier who attempted to save from certain death two attackers beat a crowd of visitors of a local bar.