Ali Khamenei



World news: Tehran is ready to stay in agreement in the atom, if European countries will fulfil all its requirements.

Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday, may 23, nominated a number of requirements to ensure that Tehran continued to adhere to the nuclear deal after the exit of the United States of America.

In particular, Tehran insists that the European countries member to the agreement – Germany, France and the UK – continued to buy Iranian oil, while European banks to provide trade with Tehran, writes DW.

Also Khamenei demands that the three European countries did not conduct any other negotiations with respect to Iran’s ballistic missile program and the international activity of a country in the Middle East region, informs Reuters. He noted that Iran does not want to start a fight with Europe, but experience shows that Paris, Berlin and London in the “most sensitive issues” follow Washington .

Ali Khamenei accused the US of reneging on its commitments to participation in the nuclear deal. “The Islamic Republic can not deal with the government, which easily violates an international Treaty, withdraws his signature and in theatrical shows bragging about it on television,” – said in a statement, Ali Khamenei, posted on his website.

He noted that Iran has complied with the terms of the nuclear deal. “Iran is committed to. They have no excuse. The international atomic energy Agency has repeatedly reaffirmed the obligation of Iran. But you see, that it’s easy for them to cancel this transaction,” added Khamenei.

He criticized U.S. President Donald trump. “The current US President will suffer the same fate as his predecessors – he will disappear from history,” said Khamenei.