World news:Iraq asked the world to help in the investigation of crimes of “ISIS”.

Iraq appealed to the international community asking for assistance in finding and documenting evidence of crimes committed by militants of the “Islamic state.”

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This is stated in the letter from the Minister for foreign Affairs of Iraq Ibrahim al-Jaafari to the UN Security Council, writes Reuters.

“We ask the international community for help in providing expertise for the criminalization of “LIH” – said in the letter.

Al-Jaafari also stressed the importance of the involvement of militants “LIH” to justice in Iraqi courts .

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In turn, the mission of UK to the UN said that, together with Iraq to develop the draft security Council resolution that will start an investigation. However, when the resolution will be put to the vote is still unclear.

Reuters reminds that last year the UN accused ISIL of committing genocide against the Yezidis in Syria and Iraq. In their opinion, the members of that religious communities are destroyed by sexual slavery, murder and other crimes.