Irina Grineva, while vacationing at a resort in Greece, continues to please its fans of erotic photos of the resort.

The famous actress Irina Grineva, which only a few
days ago shone on the red carpet of the opening of the Moscow International film festival, had fled from the capital on a Sunny resort in Greece, where
publishes quite candid photos in a swimsuit, according to “Russian
The dialogue”.

As noted, Grineva remains at the resort in male
of the company and, according to the staff, perfectly spends his free time. It is a lot
sunbathes, swims and get by just fine without rainy days and city life
which takes place in Moscow.

In their 44 years Irina, the wife of a famous figure skater Maxim
Shabalina, boasts well-preserved figure . The woman in
know that is the owner of attractive shapes so it doesn’t
ceases to delight its subscribers risqué pictures in bathing
costumes that perfectly demonstrate to her exquisite shape.

On the new frame, which it published on its official
page on social network “Instagram”, Grineva depicted in blue
the closed bathing suit with a glass of wine in hand.

However, social media users were horrified and shock
saw the publication of famous persons. In their opinion the image is too
depraved because of the posture in which the depicted artist.

Some felt that such a provocative frame quite
normal and very good. They certainly expressed his admiration for the figure
Irina in the comments.